Reflecting on 2017

My reading goal on Goodreads this year was to read a total of 70 books. With only 3 days left in the year, I’m short by 4 books. Something tells me I won’t be making my goal this year, and strangely, I’m ok with it.

I’ve actually been behind most of the year, so I knew this was coming. I had time to prepare myself. I’m usually not very good at failure, but in this instance, I’m choosing to look at it as a positive. I didn’t fail, I read 66 books including 23,718 pages! That’s no small feat. And the me of a few years ago would have never believed it possible (I was lucky to finish 5 books in a year). And what’s better is I enjoyed almost every single one of the books I read this year.

It was a really great year of books and bookish things. I broadened my reading horizons and found my love of science fiction and magical realism. I found new book series’ to obsess over and new favorite authors. I made new friends on Bookstagram, new connections with publishers, and read more ARCs than ever before. I also had the opportunity to work with some great companies through Instagram. Suffice it to say, this was an amazing year that cannot be reduced to a number.

In 2018 I won’t put as much pressure on myself to read a certain number of books, but I’ll focus more on the quality of the books I’m reading and the experiences that come with them.

Do you set goals for your reading?

I’m working on writing my 2018 reading resolution, so check back soon!


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