2018 Reading Resolution


New Years resolutions. Do you set them? I know myself and I know I’m terrible at keeping them much past January so, the only resolutions I generally make for myself are related to reading (because I’m always reading, so how can I go wrong?). The past few years my resolution has merely been a number I set for myself on Goodreads; a total to reach by the end of the year.

This year I wanted to do something a bit different. I usually just read books that I hear others talking about or that I’ve come across that sound like a good story without much more thought to it. However, this year I would like to be more mindful of my reading.

My resolution for 2018 is to read more books by authors of color, LGBTQ+ authors, books with POC and LGBTQ+ characters, and characters that don’t fall into a gender binary description; books that are inclusive and have a better view of our world. I want to focus more on quality and characteristics of the books I read rather than a total number.

That’s not to say that the books I’ve been reading have been sped through just to fulfill a goal, but rather that I wasn’t always thinking about my choices in a mindful way. I read a lot of fantastic books last year and quite a few of them were meaningful with great representation. But I don’t want that to be something forgotten about or overlooked as I go into a new year of reading because I think even our fictional lives in books should reflect the real world around us.

I have a page in my bullet journal dedicated to books on my 2018 TBR. While I likely won’t read every single one of them this year (because the list is huge and ever-growing!), I know I  have tons of ideas to make this resolution a reality.

I have scoured Goodreads and I’ve gotten a few suggestions from friends on Instagram, but if there are any books you think should definitely be on my list, please let me know in the comments!



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