ARC Review: The Goblin’s Daughter




Title: The Goblin’s Daughter

Author: M. K. Sawyer

Genre: NA Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Independently published

Rating: 5 Goblin Stars!

Publication Date: June 30, 2018

Synopsis: the forest beckons

the Shadow watches

Nolin doesn’t know why her mother is terrified of the forest— only that is has something to do with her, a cold night, a baby crib, and an open window.

Throughout her life, Nolin struggles to gain the love of her crazed mother, all while grappling with recurring dreams of a twisted, ancient tree, and the perpetual feeling that she’s being watched by a dark presence in the surrounding forest.

After a childhood mental breakdown, Nolin returns to her hometown as a grown woman, ready to face her mother to put old demons to rest. When Nolin stumbles across disturbing details of her mother’s past, she ventures deeper into the mystery of her own identity, the related causes of her mother’s illness, and learns of violent, ancient creatures who live in the woods. . .


Ok. I’ve learned something about myself. The second goblins are mentioned being in a story I need to read that as soon as possible. Maybe it’s because I grew up watching Labyrinth and fell in love with The Goblin King. I was even so desperate to visit that world that I tried getting the goblins to come take my baby doll so I could be whisked away to the Labyrinth.

Anyhow, here I am, years later and I’m still smitten for goblins and The Goblin King. So when M.K. Sawyer emailed me and asked me to review her book, The Goblin’s Daughter, I didn’t hesitate, even with a TBR bursting at the seams. And I’m so glad she got in touch!

I literally could not put this book down and read it in 24 hours. Sawyer draws you into her haunting story and doesn’t let you go until the last page. As we follow Nolin and Melissa’s story the mystery gets even more twisted and compelling. I found myself both wanting to read quickly so I could find out what happened while also reading slowly to savor the story. I loved the multiple POVs so we could see the story play out from the different characters perspectives.

Definitely go get this one if you also love goblins!

Thank you so much to M.K. Sawyer for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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