Cover Reveal: Detox in Letters

Cover Reveal

Happy Wednesday! It’s time for another cover reveal!

Today I’m helping unveil the cover for Detox in Letters, the sequel to Vanity in Dust by Cheryl Low. I read Vanity in Dust last year and really enjoyed the story. It was unique and dark (and dark is something that I just love). So I was ecstatic when World Weaver Press contacted me and asked if I would like to help with this cover reveal!

First, some info about book 1 in the Crowns & Ash series.

35110909Title: Vanity in Dust

Author: Cheryl Low

Genre: NA Fantasy

Publisher: World Weaver Press

Purchase: Amazon* | World Weaver Press

Synopsis: In the Realm there are whispers. Whispers that the city used to be a different place. That before the Queen ruled there was a sky beyond the clouds and a world beyond their streets.

Vaun Dray Fen never knew that world. Born a prince without a purpose in a Realm ruled by lavish indulgence, unrelenting greed, and vicious hierarchy, he never knew a time before the Queen’s dust drugged the city. Everything is poisoned to distract and dull the senses, even the tea and pastries. And yet, after more than a century, his own magic is beginning to wake. The beautiful veneer of the Realm is cracking. Those who would defy the Queen turn their eyes to Vaun, and the dust saturating the Realm.

From the carnivorous pixies in the shadows to the wolves in the streets, Vaun thought he knew all the dangers of his city. But when whispers of treason bring down the fury of the Queen, he’ll have to race to save the lives and souls of those he loves.


And now, the cover of book 2, Detox in Letters!










Detox in Letters Front

So beautiful, right?! It portrays the book so perfectly: magical and lovely, but also dark! I just love how these covers look together too!


Preorder your copy of Detox in Letters!*

Publication Date: September, 18, 2018

Synopsis: Welcome to the Realm, where magic is your drug, your poison, and your only hope.

An illness is spreading through the city, marking the sick in mysterious letters scrawled across their skin. What is first thought to be madness reveals itself to be an awakening as residents rediscover themselves, their pasts, and their long-forgotten magic… things the Queen wants to remain buried. Things she will sacrifice her own children to suppress.

Mercy has never been a staple of the Realm. Treachery, blood, and magic steeps the city as the rebel leader, Red, seeks to topple the Tower, Princess Fay eyes her mother’s throne, and Prince Vaun must decide whether to submit to his mother’s terrible demand.


Have you read Vanity in Dust? What did you think? Are you as excited about Detox in Letters as I am?!



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