Book World News April 2019

Hello friends! Did you know I co-host a podcast? We have new bookish episodes every Friday and then a less structured, more chatty episode every Monday! One of our segments on the bookish episode is where we talk about book world news and in researching different things to talk about I thought, why not make this a blog segment too? So the plan is, every week (month?) I will post about different happenings in the book community. I haven’t quite decided the frequency that this would work best, but I’ll vary it here in the beginning and see what works. If you have suggestions or know of more information than what I’ve found, please let me know or link in the comments below.

So without further ado…

book world news


First up, we all know and love Tor Publishing right? They publish amazing sci-fi and fantasy books for adults and YA, novellas, short stories, and audio books, not to mention and their blog and.. I could go on. But, they’ve decided to expand EVEN MORE and announced a new imprint called Nightmare in which they will publish horror fiction! I don’t know about you guys, but horror is a new genre for me and I’m actually on a mission this year to find a book that scares me! So this announcement couldn’t have come at a better time. Read the full announcement here and let me know what you think!

I’ll be directing you over to yet again for this next piece of news. Alexandra Christo, author of To Kill a Kingdom has a new YA fantasy dulogy coming out! The first book, Into the Crooked Place, is set to release in October of this year and not only did they reveal the GORGEOUS cover, but you can go read the first chapter right now!

My final piece of news from the book world is a few weeks old by now, but I feel like it bears repeating for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. We all know the cover art for books tend to follow certain trends. A few years ago SO MANY books that were coming out had girls in ballgowns on the cover, and more recently I’ve noticed lots more covers with a person in an action shot, think sword over head running into battle. But then the folks over at Epic Reads noticed something else, Book Snake. That’s right, there is a trend in publishing right now for morally grey characters and what better way to portray them than a snake on the cover? Head over to see all the books they found, and check out some of the funny cover changes they made to include Book Snake.

So let me know, is Book World News something you’re interested in seeing more of? How do you keep up with all the goings on in the book community?








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