Monthly Wrap Up: August & September 2019


Hello fellow readers! I thought it was about time I posted my wrap-ups. I’ll keep it brief because I want to write a separate post about keeping up with all of the things! But for now, I give my August & September wrap-ups!

Books Read in August:

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August was a great month of 8 very different books! Spin the Dawn is a lush fantasy that completely took me by surprise. There Will Come a Darkness is, well dark. And just so lovely. The Warehouse was terrifying in a this-could-be-our-future kind of way.

Books Read in September:



September was a very YA heavy month, but I like it that way. All of these books were amazing in their own ways. Rules for Vanishing is SO CREEPY and just amazing. The Beautiful is a very atmospheric book, I felt like I was walking the streets of New Orleans. I reviewed The Babysitters Coven over on The Nerd Daily. And I’m Not Dying With You Tonight was a quick read, but definitely one that will stay with me.

Reviews Posted:

Other posts from August & September

This is where I usually update you on my life. This have been…crazy? I don’t know. I’m trying to get my life together and find the time to do everything, but that’s just difficult sometimes. So mostly I’ve been hiding in my books, as evidenced above.

October TBR:

This, as always, is a very tentative list. I’ve begun choosing my next reads based a bit more on feeling rather than a *need* to get a book read. Which just gives an overall better reading experience. So I will read all of those books eventually, but who knows if it’ll actually happen within the month of October.

And that’s all! What does your October look like?








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