Monthly Wrap Up: January & February 2020



Books Read January:


Books Read February:

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As seen above, I’m not reading nearly as many books as I planned at the start of the year. My yearly goal is 100 books, so that means I need to read about 8 each month and so far, I’m not sure that I’ll hit that goal. But, it is also currently tax season (I work as an accountant at my day job), so that leaves little free time for reading.

My kiddos and I are reading The Last Kids on Earth series together. We take turns reading out load before bed and we’re currently on the last (published) book of the series. I think we’re all really enjoying it!

Lots of other great books in the mix as well. Good Girls Lie and The Dead Girls Club were wonderful thrillers. I’m SO excited for the final book in the LIFEL1K3 series by Jay Kristoff! Below by Alexandria Warwick was an awesome fantasy story that was absolutely perfect for winter reading. And, watch for an upcoming blog tour featuring All Your Twisted Secrets!

Reviews Posted:

No other posts were made. I am severely slacking. I’m hoping my motivation picks up as the year does!

As far as other parts of my life go, I’m LOVING Adagio’s Genmai Cha green tea (as always) and the tea blend my co-host and I created for our podcast, Our Life in Books. I have also become addicted to Noodles and Company’s Spicy Peanut Saute. It is SO tasty and full of veggies and I’m in love. I’m not sure that I mentioned it here, but I became a vegetarian in February of 2019, so this month marks 1 year meat-free and I’ve been having fun finding new veggie options.

And, speaking of the podcast, we’ve put out a ton of content in the past two months. We posted 8 new regular episodes, and we have new special episodes over on Patreon! We review and discuss Kim Liggett’s The Grace Year, play Never Have I Ever, open our Christmas presents (finally), and we’ve posted tons of bloopers.

Also this month, my husband and I got to have a day-date while my parents took the kiddos overnight to a hotel. It was so nice. He and I rarely get child-free time and while I spend most of the time feeling like I’m missing a limb, it’s also so nice just to focus on the two of us for a bit.

March’s TBR:

As usual, this is a very tentative TBR. I have SO MANY books to read, but these are the 8 that sound good to me right now.

Let me know have your 2020 has gone so far!








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